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Licensing Information for Weird! The Musical

Bring your favorite Weird! Series characters to life in your own production!

WEIRD! The Musical, based on the Weird! book series by Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy, is an energetic family musical with a powerful message. Created to perform for young audiences, families will enjoy seeing the pages of the books come to life on stage with Luisa, Sam, Jayla and their friends learning where their power comes from and how to use it.

Audiences will love WEIRD! The Musical, with soaring music, opportunities for fun choreography and scenes that will speak to issues students face every day. With a small cast and minimal production requirements, this is the perfect show for touring, theatres with educational programs or school productions.

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10 (Flexible)
55-60 Min


4 Musicians


*Show Tracks Also Available*



A positive and spunky bi-lingual 5th grade student who is being affected by bullying behavior.


A 5th grade student who acts tough and uses bullying behavior to try to control her classmates.


A strong and sensitive 5th grade student who has been bullied before and now is being dared to use bullying behavior on a friend.


A 5th grade student who loves science and nature.


A 5th grade student who has a big heart. She always tries to be a peacemaker.


A 5th grade student who loves to make everyone laugh. He is the class clown.


Female or Male
A 5th grade student who is an athlete and never without a soccer ball.


The student’s 5th grade teacher who is caring and kind. He is a teacher all the students like because he treats them with respect.


A loving and supportive Mom to Luisa. She is married to a man from Spain so they speak Spanish and English with their daughter.


Male or Female
Doubles as both characters: Coach is the students’ P.E. Teacher  who believes bullying helps build character. Alex is the older brother of Sam who is in the 7th Grade and is not very kind to his little sister.

Promotional Resources

Official Logo Pack

Official Logo Pack

Included with license

Weird! The Musical includes a logo pack with every license! Each logo pack is:

  • Professionally-designed
  • High-resolution
  • Color & black/white
  • Logo files in JPG, PNG, GIF and EPS formats
Cast & Crew T-Shirts

Cast & Crew T-Shirts

As low as $18 each

Weird! The Musical has partnered with All Ears Promos to offer premium-quality Cast & Crew T-Shirts! You can add your theatre name, show dates and even your cast & crew names on the back.

Water Bottles & Caps

Water Bottles & Caps

Water Bottles $18 / Caps $15

Weird! The Musical has partnered with All Ears Promos to offer premium-quality merchandise! Check out our Weird! baseball hats and water bottles.

Production Resources

Show Kit

Everything you need to produce the show!
Includes 1 Piano/Conductor Book, 1 Director’s Script and 10 Cast Script/ Vocal Book

$250 Rental Fee (Required with Licencing)

Performance Tracks

Our top-quality digital performance tracks are sent to you through a simple link. Quickly download them to your computer, tablet or smartphone and start rehearsing! Includes all songs, scene change music and sound effects.

$100 (Available with Licencing)

Full Conductor Score

Conduct the show from the podium with each detailed instrument staff is always right in front of you–giving you the most comprehensive layout for full control of your orchestra.

$100 (Available with Licencing)

Orchestration Pack

Give your show the full live band experience!
Pack includes books for Keyboard, Guitar, Bass & Drum.

$100 (Available with Licencing)

Additional Books

Additional books are available with licencing of the show to help build out your production.

Piano/Conductor Book $50
Keyboard Book $30
Guitar Book $30
Bass Book $30
Drum Book $30
Director’s Script $20
Cast Script/ Vocal Book $15

Original Studio Cast Recording

The Studio Cast features Natalie Weiss (Wicked, Les Misérables), three-time Grammy nominated Jody McBrayer from the group Avalon & Josh Batstone from Season 8 of The Voice. With licencing of the show, receive a digital download of the full album for a discounted price. Sent to you through a simple link.

$8 (Special price with licensing)

Archival Video License

If you want to record your production for archival purposes and to provide at cost copies to your cast and crew, you may do so by purchasing a video license.

$75 (Available with Licencing)

Advance Pack

If you need your materials prior to 60 days before opening, you can request our Advance Pack which includes 1 Piano/Conductor Book, 1 Director’s Script and 1 Cast Script/ Vocal Book shipped as soon as payment is received.

$100 (Available with Licencing)